Things You Shouldn’t do Before Your Wedding

Things You Shouldn’t do Before Your Wedding

Things You Shouldn’t do Before Your Wedding

Your big day is coming! Just a few short weeks before you finally marry the man/woman of your dreams! Time is of the essence, however! What should you get done before your wedding day arrives? Well, this can be answered in many ways. As for right now, we’ll answer it by telling you what you should NOT do just before your wedding. Believe it or not, many people try to do the following things, when it just really isn’t necessary.

Don’t go on a Starvation Diet

This is more common with women, but guys do this too. Going on a starvation diet, or any diet for that matter, just before your wedding is a big no, no! You’re already going to be under a large amount of stress planning and arranging everything for the wedding itself. The last thing you want to do is deny your body the nutrients it needs to power itself properly! By this time, you should already have your suit and dress ready and waiting for you just the way you are. So be proud of yourself! Stand up there just as you are and know that your soon-to-be spouse loves you and thinks you’re perfect just as you are! That goes for both of you!

Don’t have an Extreme, Last Minute Makeover

Changing your appearance just before a wedding will often end in disaster. Whether it’s your hair; your face; or even just your nails, stick with what you’re used to. The last thing you need on your wedding day is uneven hair or messy makeup! Your beloved chose you as you are now and no matter how ‘made up’ other girls are there; you will still be the most beautiful person in the whole wedding ceremony!

For Goodness Sake, Don’t get Drunk!

Probably one of the stupidest things you could do is get hammered the night before your wedding, causing you to go through your entire wedding ceremony with a hangover. Who wants that? There’s nothing wrong with having a little fun with your mates or your girlfriends (assuming that you are the bride, of course!) the day before your wedding. However, fun or not, look after yourself. You can get hammered any day of the week; you can only marry a woman for the first time once!

Don’t Stay Up all Night Panicking

This one is sometimes a little more out of your control. It is perfectly natural to be nervous before getting married. However, the best form of beautification is a good night’s sleep. A good eight hours of shuteye will leave you wide-eyed, energized, and looking great! You don’t want to have big black bags under your eyes on your wedding day, do you? So kick back early on in the evening; relax; read a good book; and drop off as early as you can so you can be up early and ready for you and your spouse’s big day!

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