Can I target losing weigh off my hips for best fitting wedding dress

Can I target losing weigh off my hips for best fitting wedding dress

Can I target losing weigh off my hips for best fitting wedding dress

Today, Caro will explain to you how you can slim down – and where this dream has its limits.


“Which exercise is best against bacon?” “Can I target losing weight off my hips for best fitting wedding dress?” As a trainer, I hear such questions almost daily. Most women have pretty clear ideas about where fat should disappear and where it should stay, eg in the bust.


The dream of Targetted fat loss treatment for bridal exists as long as there is figure training. My answer has been the same for years: Sorry, but the targeted fat loss is unfortunately wishful thinking and not possible!


The essentials in brief:


Fat loss works only by a calorie-reduced diet, preferably with plenty of protein and low carbohydrates.

Your fat is mined first where it was last stored.

The targeted fat loss is possible, but only to a limited extent.

The optimal anti-fat training: weight training with crisp cardio units.


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Again and again, two goals are mixed: Fat loss and training of the muscles – a common understanding problem. Make the following clear: With targeted exercises for individual muscle groups or problem areas, you train your muscles. The fat pads over it get along with it little. With problem zone training, you give shape to your body – and that goes very well in specific places. Like Lipo Freeze UK


Fat loss on the other hand only works as a whole. In the fat loss process, energy is gained from all of your fat deposits – and not just where you want it to be. If you hang your head now and think that you can basically save your figure training, you are wrong!


I’ll show you how to reach your goals anyway, how fat loss works and why it’s worth training. In addition, you will learn how to influence fat loss and, in a sense, how to target certain body regions, albeit to a lesser extent than you might have expected. Let’s start with the basics.


Fat loss, how does it work?


What makes your fat reserves melt? What can you do to reduce fat?

The answer you know basically. It is no secret: If you want to mobilize fat from your depots, you need a calorie deficit – without it’s not possible. This means you either have to consume more calories than you consume or less feed than you consume. Diet plays the most important role here. Important is a sufficient protein intake for muscle maintenance. A low carbohydrate, protein diet works best. Nothing new, I know. But where does the fat disappear first?


At which points do you first lose fat?

Pear type? Apple-type? Every human being is built differently. Where you put your fat is genetically determined. The same applies to the breakdown – and your body keeps it logically in the following order: At the points where the calories were last bunkered, they are first broken down again. Unfortunately, that also means that the love handles that you have had the longest are also the most persistent ones. This order is fixed. You will not change that by doing certain exercises.


Ok, so far. Is it absolutely impossible to influence this order?


Targeted fat loss – it works!


The answer is: You can definitely influence where your body’s fat loss should take place, so to “steer” something. But – and now comes the hook – only if you already have a fairly low body fat content. So it’s more about the final touchdown. Those who have fat deposits generously distributed throughout the body will not get a six-pack through the following measures. This is how it works:


  1. Heat


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As a teen, I was wearing ballet lessons like everyone else in my group. They were made of air-impermeable plastic and went either to the knees or ankles. In addition, some girls wrapped themselves around their waists before training. At the so wrapped up areas, twice as much was sweated by the heat accumulation during training. As a result, we thought, one would lose weight in these places. “Such a nonsense!” Do you think now determined? “When you sweat, you lose only water – the fat stays where it is.” You’re right, of course – but we were not that wrong then. It works but has nothing to do with the increased sweating.


The local heat is what works. Because you are specifically promoting the local circulation through this heat. Targeted, local heat can thus help to promote fat loss in the affected areas, as proven by numerous studies. A prerequisite is, of course, a calorie deficit. The better the blood circulation, the better the fat reduction at the respective body site. A Targetted fat loss treatment really helps, unfortunately, the effect is not particularly strong, but always out. What else helps to control fat loss?


  1. Circulation


Local heat stimulates blood circulation, you know that now. The worse a body part is perfused, the heavier the fat loss in this area will be – that is fact. The less blood flows through a certain area, the slower the metabolism there and the slower the fat cells can be used for energy production. For example, bacon is pretty badly supplied with blood, you can feel it when you put your hand there. The temperature is rather low. How can you now promote blood circulation in a specific area? Well, just by training the muscles of this area. So off to the sport! Moooooment yet. How exactly should you exercise?


Your training for fat loss


Without making it pointlessly complicated: It does matter how you train. For example, there is a difference between the calories burned during a cardio workout and those during a strength workout. In cardio training, the calorie reduction is preferred in the fat cells. During strength training, your body will use glycogen and triglycerides, which you naturally want to avoid during fat loss.


On the other hand, there is a connection between a muscle and the overlying fatty tissue. Do you train the muscles that are under the fat, the circulation of the fat tissue is effectively stimulated? All right, but what does that mean for your training?


Your optimal training program


You do both: cardio and strength, preferably in combination. It does not matter if you want to lose weight in general or in certain places, for optimal mobilization of fat cells you combine cardio and strength exercises into your training. In order to stimulate the fat loss at a certain body site, you build in between exercises for the muscles in question again and again short intensive cardio parts. So you achieve an optimal blood circulation in the area in which you want to reduce fat.


In order to specifically reduce fat at one body site, you then train the muscles that belong to it and combine it with intensive short cardio intervals.

Recent studies show that blood circulation and fat loss are strongest around an active muscle. Exercises can be a Targetted fat loss treatment in the affected area because the blood flow and fat consumption are highest in the adipose tissue directly adjacent to the working muscle.


Get slim with Gymondo

The optimal combination of strength and cardio training is guaranteed by our weight loss program Slim in 10 weeks. In addition to regular workouts, you can expect a professional nutritional plan and many delicious recipes, with which your kilos tumble even faster.


In this sense, I wish you much fun training and much success in losing weight!


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